Model-based Image Understanding Environment (MIUE)

LiverServ uses advanced image processing software called Model-based Image Understanding Environment (MIUE). It serves bio-medical purposes and contains a highly effective toolkit that allows for extensive image manipulation. With its model-based open architecture, automated image processing procedures are optimized. Manual delineation of studied structures is minimized, resulting to an increased accuracy of the 3D model reading and a decrease in the time consumed to complete the process.


  • Interpolation-based 3D modeling
  • GPU-based volume rendering
  • Interactive segmentation
  • Fully automatic segmentation
  • Landmark-based registration
  • General software framework
  • Others (DICOM reader, image converter, etc.)


The MIUE has been recognized multiple times for its contribution to the field of medicine. It has garnered a number of awards from the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA). Every year, the RSNA holds a conference to honor outstanding developments in radiologic research. The MIUE was awarded in 2005 and 2008 for its innovative brain segmentation functions, and in 2012 for its liver segmentation processes.

It has also gotten recognition from the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI). In 2009, the MIUE won third place in one of the annual competitions held by MICCAI, this time for heart segmentation.

RSNA, United States

Liver Workbench: An integrated toolsuite for liver components segmentation, Quantification and Pre-surgical planning from CT Data

MICCAI, United Kingdom

3D Segmentation in the Clinic, A Grand Challenge III

RSNA, United States

Automatic white matter, ventricle, and stroke volumetric analysis of brain MRI multimodal scans useful for epidemiologic studies and in identifying individual risk for future stroke and dementia

RSNA, United States

Atlas-assisted MR stroke image interpretation by using anatomical and blood supply territories atlases